Manufacturers and suppliers of plastic packaging products and packing materials in South Africa.

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Plastic Packaging Manufacturers & Suppliers

Manufacturers and suppliers of plastic packaging products and packing materials in South Africa. Companies supplying: Plastic packaging products : food packaging, cosmetic packaging, fast food packaging, and packaging materials : corrugated cartons & boxes.

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Premier Packaging - Plastic Packaging Suppliers

Africa Plastics

Plastic Injection Moulding of Custom Plastic Products, and Specialise in the Development and Manufacture of Patented Lightweight Plastic Crates to Transport Frozen Foods and Dairy Products.

Bambisana Manufacturing

Custom Moulding, Mould & Die Making, and Injection Moulding of Plastic Household Products, Plastic Gardening Pots and Products and Lighting Products.

Calibre Plastics

Custom Injection Moulders of Packaging Containers, Plastic Flower Pots & Trays, Plastic Products for Farming, Mining and Food Industries; Tool & Die Making Specialists.

Otima Plastic Products

Manufacture a wide range of Plastic Containers for home and personal use, including Plastic Ice Buckets, Plastic Fliptop Lunch Boxes with Plastic Bottle, Plastic Shot Glasses, Plastic Dustbins, Plastic Regrind Buckets, Plastic Tubs, Plastic Cups and Multi Purpose Plastic Containers with Lids.


Plastic Moulds & Custom Injection Moulding of Plastic Buckets with Handles & Lids, Plastic Glasses, Plastic Shot Glasses & Custom Plastic Products.

Dispak Group

Manufacture of PVC and PET Films, Retail Blister Packaging, Thermoformed Food Packaging, blow Moulded Plastic Bottles, Form Fill and Seal and Tray Seal Packaging Machinery.

Dynamic Plastics

Manufacture a Range of 250ml to 25 Litre Plastic Bucket Containers, Tamper Evident Buckets, Recycled Plastic Buckets, Secure Lock Plastic Buckets and Industrial Packaging Containers with decorative options for branding purposes.

PC Plastics

Plastic Injection Moulding & Toolmkaing Company - Manufacture Wide Range of Ready to Order Plastic Flower and Garden Pots in Various Sizes and Colours, Plastic Caps for Aerosols and Range of Stationery Products - Letter Trays, Tubular Desk Organisers, Pencil Holders and Paper Cubes.

Pioneer Plastics

Rotaional Moulding of Plastic Containers, Plastic Bins, Plastic Tanks, Portable Toilets, Road Barriers, Stacking and Nesting Containers, Plastic Drums, Litter Bins, Recycling Bins, Bulk Handling Bins, Storage Tanks, Portable Toilet and Guard Huts, Road Barriers, Septic Tanks, Jetties, Truck Accessories, Camping Equipment and more.

Insimbi Plastics

Specialize in the Manufacture of 5L, 20L, 25L, 210L and 250L Plastic Drum Containers, Plastic Jerry Cans, Blow Moulded Plastic Containers - Blow Pack Containers and Roto Moulded Plastic Water Tanks / Water Harvesting Tanks.

Premier Packaging

Packaging Specialists : Plastic Packaging Containers and Steel Tins and Cans : Plastic Bottles, PET Bottles and Jars, Plastic Spray Bottles, Dairy Bottles, Plastic Jars & Drums, Plastic Cups & Tubs, Plastic Buckets, Detergent Bottles, PET & PVC Bottles & Jars, Bettix & Agri Bottles, PVC Containers, Tablet Vitamin Containers, Standup Plastic Pouches, Steel Drums and Paint Tins.

Sondor Performance Foams

Manufacturer, Converter and Exporter of Industrial Foams - Manufacturer of Cross-linked, Closed Cell, Expanded Polyethylene Foam and Rubber Products for Expansion Jointing, Seals and Gasketing, Packaging and Insulation of Hot/Cold Water Piping applications.

Tullys Plastics

Manufacture quality HDPE Polyethylene Containers, Milk and Juice Bottle Range, PET Bottles,Cosmetic and Medical Bottles and Jars, Plastic Spray Bottles, Plastic Containers, Plastic Buckets, Food Packaging Range, Plastic Jars, Plastic Caps & Closures and Supply Household and Outdoor Plastic Products.

Cherry Plastics

Specialize in Plastic Injection Moulding & Blow Moulding Manufacture of PET Plastic Honey Jars, PET Jars with Closures, 250g PET Jars, 350g PET Honey Jars, 25ml PVC Snap-on Vimbela Jars. 500ml Plastic Bottles with Ratchet Cap, 250ml Round Bottles with Screw Caps, 100ml PET Minaret Bottle with Screw Cap, PET Round Bottle 100ml with Screw Cap, Plastic PET Bottles and Caps, and a Wide Range of Plastic Consumer Products and Plastic Packaging : our Exclusive Retail Range includes: Plastic Baby Bottles (BPA Free) and related products, Enema Bulbs, Douches Cans, Plastic Hair Curlers and Perm Rods, Hair Combs and Hair Cosmetics and Lotions.

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